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While the quality of healthcare in this country is already poor, another major problem are the great distances to be traveled when medical help is needed. It is no surprise that this appalling situation cost human lives.

To complicate this predicament even more, different and multi-purpose ambulances are needed. But they all have their own problems as well. After all, where a modern ambulance is often invaluable in the event of an emergency, they are often useless in the rainy season or on unpaved roads. And where a good old fashioned 4×4 without too much electronics and less maintenance could offer a good solution here, they often lack professional equipment.

It is therefore logical that people opt for a 4×4 without too much high-tech. But by always choosing this type, you also in a sense hinder the progress in professional medical care in the field. Moreover, there are many calamities left where a modern ambulance can simply be deployed and more effectively.

Finally, whatever type of ambulance a hospital or clinic may choose, one last and very important aspect is often overlooked when it comes to the lifespan and efficiency of an ambulance: The danger of lack of maintenance and the lack of a qualified medical staff and driver.

When it comes to human lives

Ambulances should be able to get everywhere

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Modern versus old

When an emergency strikes and the hospital is too far, modern ambulances save more lives on the go then a 4×4. Because these ambulances are fully equipped to handle any situation: be it a stroke, a fall from the stairs or complicated injuries from a car accident.

A fully equipped modern ambulance is in fact a mobile high tech hospital. It is indeed a lot more difficult to keep these types of cars on the road than a 4×4 all terrain ambulance, but difficult does not mean impossible. Provided you take a number of crucial factors into account.

About Electronics, Equipment and Training

The biggest problem with the electronics is often not even keeping the car running, because the knowledge and equipment of car mechanics is also getting better and advanced. The problem is more in the medical equipment. Apart from the inverter and heavy duty batteries, what if something breaks? One should therefore choose reputable equipment of which (spare) parts remain available and certainly not cheap (and often Chinese) stuff. And besides all this, practice shows that the greatest danger is still the lack of financial resources to be able and continue to carry out proper maintenance.

If climate and terrain are indeed the biggest obstacles to drive a modern ambulance, why not design a road map where they can and cannot go? Their assistance often only concerns a number of  permanent villages around the hospital, so you can simply map them, for example. Moreover, not all sandy roads are equally bad. You can drive with this type of car on many unpaved roads.

Of course there remains one big challenge in our modern ambulance adventure: Staff and experience. In addition to a well-trained First Responder who can work with modern medical equipment, the driver’s knowledge also plays a crucial role. In addition to having a solid medical background, the should also be experienced in driving at high speed and assessing traffic situations, especially during rush hour.

Multi Purpose Medical Aid

It should be clear, a modern ambulance can handle more tasks. Better equipped for different situations where every second counts, they save more lives. Whether it concerns, for example, an ECG Monitor that keeps track of the vital signs of the patient transported. Or a defibrillator to stabilize a heart undergoing cardiac arrest or to revive a crashing patient. Or an Automatic Transport Mechanical ventilator when a patient who cannot breathe independently is being moved to the hospital.

Moreover, modern ambulances can also be used for other tasks. Wheelchair transport, for example. Or transporting seriously ill people or the deceased who have to go to the airport. Or as a mobile dentist who can visit rural villages.

The biggest handicap, however, remains the rainy season and bad roads. That is why a 4×4 is indispensable. Even if it was only to get on the beach, where many accidents also occur.

Our Goals

Whether they are ultra modern or all terrain ambulances, in terms of brand, model and equipment there are plenty  available for sale. For used ones in good condition prices vary between 6,000 and 12,500 euros.

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