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Our charitable objectives also include (small) business projects. This seems contradictory. However, there is of course a positive snowball effect in it.

If we help and guide a small entrepreneur to start a business, then he become more or less independent. Therefore, he is better able to support himself. And therefore there is some kind of relief on the Ngo assistance pressure. In many cases the entrepreneur can also hire staff who then also have a job, and can take care of their own, etcetera.

Furthermore and many already know, it is also true that a small business provides a basis to take care of a complete family. It is also traditionally expected as children are often the retirement plan for the parents.

Experience shows that a fairly strict process must be followed. First, the business plan must be positively assessed as to whether it is viable. Then one of our specialists checks how much micro credit must be provided, whether or not the money must be given in stages after achieving a defined target.

And once the company is off the ground, there is usually a follow-up by one of our business consultants who visits the company frequently and advises, checks or adjusts if necessary.

In addition to the business advisor, a social worker is often also involved. 

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It should be clear, with only a few euros you can often turn a completely hopeless situation for the better. Yet it is less simple than it seems. Because every (starting) company has its own individual approach. 

The principle of a micro-credit provision is that the money must be paid back by the entrepreneur. In our case, therefore, without interest and that the pay-back can then be used again to start up another business. It seems a perfect snowball effect.

But do you really have to maintain this principle with a widow and 3 children who often have to go to bed without food and who can be helped with only 50 euros to start a small company from home? Wouldn’t it be better to convert the credit into a gift?

Or do you really have to ask for a pay back from an entrepreneur who has to employ 2 staff members (with all the positive effects for them and their family) to make the business functioning, but leave him only with a very small profit margin just enough to support his own family?

What we just want to say, although the most ideal situation is that a (micro) credit can be repaid to our business projects fund, this is not always possible. You simply cannot generalize. Every human is unique.

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You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome in our business projects.
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