Demarcating our area

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Our Fence Choice

Sustainability and Design

Our plot of land of 100 x 100 m2 needs 400 meters fencing. A fence is legally required if you own a plot of land in The Gambia. It is also a clear visual indication of what belongs to a landowner or not. And beyond that, it makes it controllable who goes in and out and it keeps animals away.

In the choice of our desired fence, we looked not only at sustainability, but also at a creative design that is more in line with the architecture of the building. It doesn’t even make things more expensive, because after all, it involves more or less the same quantity of materials.

Help us fencing our plot of land
Buy a square meter of fence

Our Choice of Design

In terms of design, great emphasis has been placed on an open atmosphere and a fresh and hygienic appearance. That is why it was decided not to finish the front with a stone fence, but with an “open view” so that the complex looks more friendly and accessible.

Just like the buildings on the site, the architecture has deviated from traditional construction to make it more of an eye-catcher.
And although it is often common to have barbed wire on the fence walls to keep out criminals, we have opted for lamps with detectors and security cameras. Barbed wire also has a reduced security value in our case, because of course, given the nature of the foundation, we already have many “strangers” inside in the guise of patients, their family and friends.

Material sustainability

Those familiar with the country certainly must have noticed that much of the ironwork is corroded or that fence walls are blackened or damaged. This is not only because they suffer too much from the extreme climate, but also because the locally made stones have a high water absorption capacity.

But damage also occurs because, intentionally or not, the correct cement/sand ratios have been tampered with. Or that often, due to lack of financial resources, the walls cannot be impregnated / plastered in order to protect them better against the elements. That is why we produce our stone blocks in-house with strict control.

With regard to our metalwork, round bars have been chosen instead of rectangular ones so that no water can remain on them. But also that the frames are at least high enough off the ground, so that they cannot be exposed to rainwater for a long time. That vegetation is pruned away in time. And furthermore, that all bars may not be horizontal as they can then be used as climbing frames by criminals.

“Our fence idea flows directly from our Think Tank. With just some knowledge, getting a few ideas here and there, you often can get very nice results.

You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.

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