Phase 1 : How to get our plot

Buy 5 Square Meters of Land

(5 M2 Donation = 300 D)

Where it all will start

Buy 5 M² Meters Of Land

Purchasing land at the desired location costs an average of 1 euro per square meter. Given the multiple objectives of the Foundation, the size of the complex requires 100 x 100 meters (10,000 m2). This brings the calculation to 10,000 euros. Factors in our decision to choose this specific site included that the construction does not damage the environment, that the land and access roads are not flooded or in the natural stream of all the water that falls during the rainy season, and that the legal procedures are 100% secured by a lawyer to prevent any problems in the future.

Bringing it all together

One place for many visions

You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.
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