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The Xippia Charity Projects supports society’s most underprivileged people or those in acute need. For example because they are ill, extreme poor, or have no home anymore due to the floods in the rainy season. If needed, we also work together with organizations that provide this support.

Our Charity Projects will initially focus on food aid, housing and medical care. A common criticism is that it is an endless and hopeless story. But that does not alter the fact that it is of course a bitter reality for many people. And it is also true that these kind of terrible situations can be significantly improved with only a small amount per month.

Critics often forget another fact: The mouths that need to be fed also have hands that can flutter. In addition to help, our team therefore also looks at what potential there is in a family that needs support.  

This can be with, for example, community-based work, (re)education, micro financing to start up a small business, volunteer or environment oriented work like beach cleaning, road sweeping or replant exercises in the forests.

Of course, it doesn’t alter the fact that there is a gigantic poverty and unemployment rate in the country, especially among the youth.

Our Philosophy

Action Brings Strenght

Supporting the most underprivileged in our society

Expanding Capacity For Compassion

Food Aids Programs Africa

Our Food Aid Program

Our food aid programs include food for work, school feeding, and mother-child nutrition.  Although restricted due our policies, emergency food aid is distributed for free to the food-insecure in times of crisis, such as natural disasters.

When the emergency subsides, we are working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience against food insecurity in the future. If necessary, we have even the expertise to start up and guide agricultural projects.

However, by increasing the local supply of food, such aid may depress prices and thus undercut the income of rural farmers in the recipient nations, for example; it also may discourage local production. And, since the poor often are concentrated in rural areas, food aid in fact may disproportionately hurt the poor.

Our Health Support Program

Free Medical Aid, which is often in close relation with Food Aid, is intended for the most marginalized, economically deprived families to support them in critical medical need. These families usually do not have a huge amount of money to spend.

Our aim is to sponsor treatments for the underprivileged and to help them to get back to their normal lives.

And sending away patients who have no money, for example with severe malaria who could have saved with only a few euros, will certainly not be part of our goal.

LS: Because of the prejudice and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, we keep the identities of these patients confidential.

Medical Aid Gambia

Disaster Relief Fund

Like other African countries, the Gambia cannot escape the effects of climate change. Even before the flooding in the rainy season had started, the country was ravaged by an exceptionally severe storm in June 2021, causing enormous damage and casualties.

But whether it be a natural disaster or a major fire outbreak, what all these tragedies often have in common is that aid comes too late. And this while everyone knows that the question is not so much if they happen but when they happen.

So why not set up a disaster fund in advance that you can use immediately, before something happens again?


Feeling bad or understanding the pains of the poor and impoverished souls, are of no use unless we step up to take righteous actions to help them.

You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.
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