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Innovative Constructions

Flex to
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As the healthcare infrastructure is becoming overwhelmed and hospitals around the world are reaching their capacities in the on-going fight against the coronavirus, new alternative possibilities are emerging.

In response to bed shortage and facility saturation, architects around the world are taking action. Focusing their knowhow to find fast and efficient design solutions that can be implemented anywhere, they are proposing flexible, fast assembled, mobile, and simple structures.

This fast development brings us also new opportunities in African health care.

Improving life, one breath at a time

When we start to act, hope is everywhere

Our Flexible Hospital Plan

This rapid development is highly welcomed of course, because it also brings another major advantage. Thanks to these modular constructions,
which are as easy to assemble as they can be dismantled, African hospitals can be built very flexible, moved, changed or expanded. Moreover, they are also relatively much cheaper.

In addition to building, expanding or supporting existing projects (for example community clinics, a school, shop or an office, we also want to implement this flex plan on our (future) own site. Because our own projects can also be so versatile (school, office, training room, hospital, etc).

Endless possibilities

From a strategic point of view, it also makes more sense to keep your own projects together as much as possible on your own site, from 1 central point.

Modular constructions are available in all shapes and sizes. Something has been developed for every medical specialty and department. Often of excellent quality with regard to durability, isolation, and so on.

Moreover, once a project is finished, or no longer works, or needs a relocation, all the high costs that are simply necessary to set up a fixed building can be saved. You just dismantle your “real estate” and put it somewhere else. Recycling up to the max.

Besides that, once started small we can build and learn first from all knowledge and experience we gathered, to copy a (proven) specific modular construction idea to extend our own complex, or to other Gambian or other African countries.

Modular constructions are the perfect solution for our projects. Efficient, cheap, and easy to build, move, or expand.”
You Can Make A Difference
Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.
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