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Like other African countries, the Gambia cannot escape the effects of climate change. Even before the flooding in the rainy season had started, the country was ravaged by an exceptionally severe storm in June 2021, causing enormous damage and casualties.

But whether it be a natural disaster or a major fire outbreak, what all these tragedies often have in common is that aid comes many times too late. And this while everyone knows that the question is not so much if they happen but when they happen.

Another issue is that often no one knows in advance what and where to use (building) materials. For example, an affected house may only need roofing sheets, while another house has completely collapsed.

So why not set up a general disaster fund in advance that you can use immediately, before something happens again?

By Failing To Prepare, You Preparing To Fail
Gambia Windstorm 2

After the windstorm

Immediate help is always given by the local population, who are of course always the first and closest one in the area, in case of an emergency. But often there are none or not enough financial resources for first relief. Or to find a permanent adequate solution.

3000 people were one way or the other affected by the catastrophe, 10 were killed and more than 1500 were displaced. All this in addition to the enormous damage to infrastructure such as roads and the electricity grid.

Sure, many organisations immediately committed themselves to the victims after the devastating storm, but a number of them have still not received any help or only after months of waiting and suffering because of time-consuming bureaucracy.

Quick Response Team (QRT)

Not only speed is of vital importance to reduce the impact of a humanitarian emergency. It also applies to a well-coordinated collaboration with affected families and individuals as well as for local, national and international partners across the world.

Our Disaster Relief Fund QRT is available 24/7 to coordinate and initiate tailor-made assistance in the event of a disaster. Where needed, we can provide everything: From first aid to building materials, from food packages to mattresses, from water to sanitation, or from shelter to short-term financing. 

But we also have programs designed to eliminate and to limit any hazards or recurrences, to increase community resilience and provide training in mitigating future disaster risks.

Gambia Floods


Your Gift Can Save Lives

You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome in the Disaster Relief Fund QRT
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