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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, especially your own world. The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success.

Thus a few famous quotes from one of the greatest and inspirational leaders of Africa, Nelson Mandela.

It is indeed the right way to start. But the problem is of course that there must be money available to follow a study. That jobs should be available after graduation. While the expensive purchase of a computer, let alone the absurdly high inter-costs in Gambia, make this path also very difficult for many young African talent. But we still have options …………

In addition, education is a very broad field. It does not always have to be directly aimed at getting a job, but can also provide secondary support. For example, brushing up your English language if you are already working in the tourist sector, or taking swimming lessons if you are working at sea.

It should also be noted that online education in The Gambia is still in its infancy. This so-called E-Learning can often be done for free or very cheaply, whereby study materials, homework and consultation with the teacher only take place via the internet. No more uniform, no more travel time when you come from a distant village.

Beyond your limits


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Expanding Learning Capacities

Xippia eLearning Platform

In the face of the world’s fastest-growing youth population and the promise of doubling in size by 2050, Africa is harnessing the power of educational technology (EdTech) and online learning to revolutionize its education landscape.

However, the continent grapples with limited government spending and a scarcity of quality, affordable higher education opportunities, creating an imbalance that requires a transformative solution. 

Online education emerges as the magic solution that has the potential to bridge the gap in African education.

Our new platform – Xippia eLearning – informs you about all the in and outs about this new (and inevitable) way of learning for Africa.

Xam-Xam Child Education

Child Education Program

Education is important to children because education helps children learn how to think critically, it enhances their creativity and imagination, it will expose them to new ideas, and it helps the child find the path to a career that they wish to pursue as an adult.

Early childhood education is not only about learning basic skills. It’s so much more than that. It’s a time when children learn critical social and emotional skills and a partnership is formed between the child, their parents and the teacher. When this is done successfully, it lays the groundwork for it to continue throughout the child’s education.

Swimming School Program

With dozens of people drowning every year in The Gambia alone, it is right to speak of an “invisible public health challenge” with an “intolerable death toll.” WHO lists Africa as the region with the highest rate of drowning in the world .

In fact, the tragic numbers are even higher, because often they do not count the fishermen without any swimming experience or life jacket, flood victims of natural disasters, or migrants who lost their lives when they cross open water.


Xippia Business Directories Africa

Xam-Xam IT School Program

While we offer high quality education, many enthusiastic African IT and Marketing graduate successfully, but hardly can find work. That is why we became very creative to maximize a job guarantee after a study program. For example: While the development of websites is unaffordable for most African companies. And while potential online customers complain that the African Online Yellow pages are slow or full of outdated information, our think tank and students came with a solution to solve these major problems all at once? Thus, the Xippia Yellow Pages Project was born.


Your Gift Can Save Lives

You Can Make A Difference

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones. Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.

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