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Food aid is hard to summarize succinctly due to many related issues, but in general it is about providing food and related assistance to tackle hunger, either in emergency situations, or to help with deeper, longer term hunger alleviation and achieve food security (where people do not have to live in hunger or in fear of starvation).

Our food aid program FAP include food for work, school feeding, and mother-child nutrition channels. Although restricted due our policies, emergency food aid is distributed for free to the food-insecure in times of crisis, such as natural disasters.

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Gambia Food Aid

Our food aid philosophy

Generally, our preferred option is to use the funding to buy food and supplies as close as possible to where it’s needed. By doing that, it both saves time and money in distributing the food, but it also helps inject cash into the local economy. 

Increasingly, food assistance is shifting to cash-based transfers, empowering people who need food to choose their own and shop for it locally.

Our food aid program FAP has two main objectives. At its most basic, it refers to providing access to food in times of emergency. Food aid can also be more long-term, however. It can be used to develop lasting solutions in areas where food shortages exist and creating food security to help break the cycle of dependence on international aid.

Pros and cons about food aid

However, by increasing the local supply of food, such aid may depress prices and thus undercut the income of rural farmers in the recipient areas, for example; it also may discourage local production. And, since the poor often are concentrated in rural areas, food aid in fact may disproportionately hurt the poor.

So, where, how and when we use our food aid programs depends on many factors before making a decision. We always look first for a sustainable solution or where we can improve the situation.

This doesn’t mean that this is always possible. We have to accept sometimes that we have to face people who are living in a completely hopeless and helpless situation. But that’s no reason to abandon them.

Food Aid in Gambia

Sharing is Caring

We use 3 sizes of food packages. Not so much in terms of content, because practice learned us that the packages often have to be adapted to individual circumstances. For example, it needs a total different approach and help if our social worker detects only a serious mother-child nutrition deficiency in a family. As a basic rule, an average package costs 2500 Dalasi per month.

If it is the sponsor’s wish to build a more closer personal relationship with a family, and to keep in contact with them, we are happy to mediate for you.
In fact we encourage this too.

Current Food Aid Package Programs

prices are per package and per month
Food Aid Children Gambia

Food Aid Standard

Composed with a bag of rice, meat & fish, vegetables, eggs & milk powder

Goal: € 37

Raised: € 10

Food Aid in The Gambia

Food Aid Extra

Composed the same as a standard package, but with a larger amount of food items

Goal: € 50

Raised: € 25

Nyodemax Charity Programs

Food Aid Tailor Made

The package can be customized according to the specific needs of a family

Goal: € 75

Raised: € 25

Become a Social Worker

Are you a social worker?
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