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Xam-Xam E-Solutions Africa is a young digital agency in Africa that focuses on quality, affordable pricing, innovation and speed.

Founded in 2015 by a retired Dutch IT and digital marketing guru, the company and school expanded in Africa with graduated and top of the class African students in IT and marketing & sales.

The amazing synergy of the team guaranteed great work ethic, integrity and end-results. Highly trained to create many stunning websites in multiple verticals. And most important, always going the extra mile to give clients the best web presence.

The philosophy is and was to create the kind of website that every business want: Easy to find, easy to use, stylish and appealing, quick loading and mobile responsive.

Xam-Xam: Unlocking the African Digital Highway to The Max

the past of our future starts here

Online Education - Development

The growing trend of online education at home means that a student needs to be less and less physically present at a school. Doing homework, conversations with the teacher, study material, everything is done online. It also saves travel time and costs. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.

More and more (international) educational institutes and universities are using this handy tool. Of course, the biggest advantage is that a student who lives in the most remote areas worldwide, can obtain a high-quality diploma. There are now thousands of these online courses to follow.

Precisely because it is geographically unlimited, it should therefore come as no surprise that the Xam-Xam Think Tank is currently also committed to this development. It gives children who live far away on the North Bank, for example, an excellent opportunity to develop themselves.

It is also in the plans to sponsor these children, after a careful selection and motivational meeting, with a laptop and internet (costs). And given the often very high costs of a physical school building, we are currently also considering abolishing this concept.

Income Maximization

Africa is full of IT-talent. But precisely because there are so many, a highly qualified graduation does not guarantee a job. That’s why Xippia Business Directories was born and our Think Tank. Instead of generating income only once with the traditional way of building a website for a customer, we now build websites ourselves to generate permanent income from it.

With our new initiative “The Xippia Business Directories for Africa” our students can now recruit business clients on this platform, develop advertisements and company pages for a fee, or design separate websites if such an assignment arises from this non-stoppable effort.

It is the founder’s great wish that this new initiative create more jobs, given the fact that Africa has not much opportunities for the youth when it comes to future perspectives. And above all, that this concept will be copied to other African countries.

Our IT think tank plays a crucial role in these new developments. For example, we are also conducting a feasibility study into whether (retired) medical specialists worldwide cannot assist Gambian doctors, through an online camera system where they can look over their shoulder. In this way the doctor can share his knowledge, expertise and experience live and in real time,


Click on the links below to join or move this project forward !

Student Application

Student Admissions

All students in African countries can enroll with us. A CV with a motivation is a must. Knowledge of the English language and IT or Marketing & Sales experience is a plus.

Job Applications

Job Applications

Anyone in Africa can apply with us. Depending on your knowledge and experience, we will examine whether we can place you in one of our programs.

IT Equipment Gambia


Lot of students are overloaded with hope and good will, but without basics like a laptop, tablet, smartphone or router. So, all (used or new) equipment, is highly welcome. 

Advantage Summary

The Xam-Xam Study Programs

Design & Development
Digital Marketing
Business Branding
Hosting & Security
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