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The Thinktank members are national and international specialists and experts who want to share their knowledge and experience, without having to deliver a physical performance. If a specific project asks for this, or if a problem arises, their talent is called in to find an adequate solution to move things forward. Thinktank Members often work closely with our Analysts.

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Knowledge - Think Tank Xippia Project

Knowledge is Power

When it comes to knowledge, no field is too small or too big. In agriculture and animal care. Low and higher education. Environment. Means of transport and maintenance. Guidance and advice to start-up companies. Computers and other developments. You name it.

Where the Xippia Project wants to go is to build a database of experts on all those real specific areas. Wherever they are in the world, because the biggest advantage of the internet is that it has made our planet very small.

WhatsApp, mail, video conferencing. Nowadays everything is technically possible to bring people together. For example, one of our future projects is to develop an online camera system to allow worldwide (retired) medical experts to watch and assist during a (complicated) medical operation in Africa. 

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Your help as an expert is vital to keep our foundation running successfully. If you are highly motivated and self-driven, fill in this application form today. From there we will direct you to the right field of your expertise.

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