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Malaria Prevention Plan

Together we can change the world

Building the Future

With Low Cost & High Impact

Every 75 seconds, a child under 5 dies of malaria. Most of these deaths are preventable and treatable. In 2019 alone, there were 229 million malaria cases globally that led to 558,000 deaths in total. Of these deaths, 74% (416,000) were children under 5 years of age. This translates into a tragic toll of nearly 750 children on a daily basis.

Although the world has been in the grip of the COVID pandemic in recent years and most (media) attention has been focused on this, malaria remains an urgent public health priority. The disease and the costs of its treatment trap families in a cycle of illness, suffering and poverty. Today, nearly half of the world’s population, most of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa, are at risk for developing malaria and facing its economic challenges.

As much as we would like to ban malaria from the world, preferably yesterday rather than tomorrow – the immense problems of this ongoing tragedy are too great for us. But that does not alter the fact that we can contribute on a small scale. After all: Every human life counts.

Joint Venture Plan

A Non-Profit & For-Profit Connection

The Challenge

Among the new challenges in the fight against malaria is a new invasive mosquito species that is resistant to many pesticides. In addition, the COVID pandemic disrupted many essential malaria services with an devastating pressure on national economies.

Partly because of this, NGOs such as the Xippia project, also suffer when it comes to obtaining donations and funding in the fight against malaria. This “dependency” is minimized with this formula. It is therefore with good reason that we seek connection with the business community “a joint venture where non-profit meets for-profit”.

In this way, our life-saving projects can be continued and the entrepreneur can see his investment back with interest.

The Solution

In addition to an interesting profit share that we can offer the financier of this project, our own share goes entirely to malaria aid and prevention. This is also one of the crucial marketing arguments to make this project a success and therefore it will be also clearly communicated to our extensive network in countries such as Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Conakry, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Moreover, this project will also create jobs on a continent where unemployment is sky rocketing.

To keep the investment budget as small as possible, our ITC division xam-xam.biz will take care of the website and all Sales & Marketing for free. The startup investment only includes the products. Like mosquito repellent & coils, mosquito nets and malaria medicines.


Depending on the operational scale, a small startup investment
starts at 2,500 Euro, a medium 5,000 euro, while a medium/large
product launch requires an investment of 10,000 Euro.

Would you like more detailed information or our business plan
about this challenging microfinance project? Participants
can reflect via our mail address info@xippia.com
or call/WhatsApp at 00220 - 2253094 .