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Out-Patient Consultation

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An out-patient appointment is a face to face consultation with a named physician or specialist. Upon arrival to the clinic, patients will be triaged by experienced nurses in order to find the best doctor based on their clinical condition. The healthcare team will discuss the expected course of treatment in line with the diagnosis. The medical practitioner will give an idea about what will happen and how care will be delivered. To promote shared decision making with our patients is very important so they have a good understanding of their care to meet their ideas, concerns and expectations. 

A home care service can also be an option if the patient can stay home to recover. Therefore, a professional nurse, tools or medications need to be available and included in our out-patient counselling. 

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Volunteering for Gambia

Want to do good for others while doing good for yourself? Volunteering can help to build capacity, to relief humans in need or to support long-term goals in under served communities. It also can enhance your resume as you gain hard and soft skills.

Besides being a nonprofit charity we’re also an independent citizen-operated agency. Wherever possible or needed, our volunteers provide aid to people and try to improve standards in the areas of humanitarian, education, health care and environmental issues according to our objectives.

Volunteering abroad Programs

Volunteering from abroad is an impactful way to expand your horizons, learn about other cultures and make a valuable contribution in an African community. Nyodemax is trusted to support the meaningful efforts of many volunteers every year. 

Nonetheless, the safety and wellbeing of our volunteers has and always will be our first priority. We ensure they are well prepared for their trip, and that we have processes and procedures in place to minimize all risks.

Therefore, whether you volunteer as an individual, together with your family or friends, or with your company staff, short or long term, Nyodemax provides always a safe and wide range volunteer opportunities for all. 


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