Together we are stronger

Building the Future

Moving Together

The benefits of partnerships with other NGOs or the business community can mainly be found in sharing knowledge, expertise and capabilities.

Together, NGOs can often accomplish more than they could alone (the synergy factor).

In case a NGO has no knowledge of how to get funding or sponsors, our funding department is ready to assist or to set it up for you.

Or perhaps you can assist us yourself in the future …

Engaging team spirits, equipping team minds

Together is a wonderful place to be

Memorandum of Understanding

In achieving a shared commitment for a common objective, it is also important to embrace our differences. After all, without those differences, there would be no reason to collaborate.

Alternative perspectives can make collaboration uncomfortable at times, but provide value as each side’s knowledge, expertise and capabilities complement the other’s. 

Therefore, the best path to follow is always to have a initial agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by all parties involved.

Partnerships Needed for the Future

Currently, the COVID pandemic and its economic and social impacts have only underscored the importance of multi-sectoral partnerships. 

Efforts that span governmental, nongovernmental, and private actors have been essential in getting and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and in developing and making available treatment and testing. These collaborations will also be essential in the development and distribution of vaccines. 

But not only in this pandemic, every non-profit sector works many times together to improve social impact or to find new opportunities and solutions.



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Partnerships for Project Support

Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that an NGO, despite its good intentions, commitment and enthusiasm, may still run into problems. Inadequate legal assistance, customs, authorities, problems in the port. Even the knowledge to set up a good funding campaign can sometimes be a big problem.

However, with our proven channels, expertise and contacts in The Gambia, we are in many cases able to offer help and to assist you. Please note that there is often a fee associated with this.

Two know more than one

Helping each other as an NGO is vital to keep our foundations running successfully. For any question about our partnership program, fill in this request form today. From there we will work with you to design your own solution.

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