Rules and Regulations

Displayed in a handy FAQ our rules and regulations are clearly explained here.

If you have any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We understand that when you make a donation, you want to know exactly what happens to your money. Learn here our clear and transparent policy when it comes to spending your contributions.

All our running and upcoming projects can be easily found on our overview page

In addition to cash donations at our office, online donations are also possible via our website. We accept money transfers with Paypal and Credit card

We place great importance on the security of your personal information. We ensure that there are appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal details. For example, your donation is transferred securely using an SSL encrypted server. You will receive an email confirmation from us before your donation is deducted from your account. Unauthorized access to your account information is not possible. Your details will only be transmitted to us in an encrypted form, and the SSL connection between your client web browser and the server prevents third parties from intercepting this information. You can rest assured that your donation to us will be secure.

When you make a general donation, we divide this money equally among our projects. For a general donation online you can use the donate button in the top right of each website page. When you make a project donation, we make sure that your gift is only used for the project of your choice. A project donation can be made directly from each project page on our website with a clear indication bar of how far we are in the progress of the project.
Your own tax reduction of your gift depends on the country where you live. For more information, we advise you to ask your own tax authorities for advice. We ourselves are exempt from paying tax, because we are an officially recognized NGO.

These costs include bank transfer costs if a sponsor donates. In order to cover these costs, we offer the possibility that the sponsor bears these costs during the transaction.

Our running costs, for example costs for transport, internet and electricity, are included in the projects as much as possible. However, these will never exceed more than 5% of the total amount.


Besides financial donations to keep our projects running, material and equipment gifts are just as crucial. Learn here how your material support helps to make life better for the people in our project areas.

For more information and goods we need please check our Material and Equipment page

Material donations can consist of spontaneous actions by third parties who feel involved with our foundation. Or a specific question from our side that we have made known via our website and the addresses of our sponsors. In both cases, we always ask to contact us first if goods are usable or indeed still necessary in our projects.

No. As we are a registered NGO we are exempt from import tax from our side.

Although transports by sea take longer than by air, we always prefer this option because of the much lower shipment costs. Except in the case of an emergency. In principle, we always handle and pay for transport costs, unless otherwise agreed with a donor.

If, in exceptional cases, a material donation is underway but no longer needed, we always first discuss what to do with the donor. For example to give it away to another NGO, or to store or sell it.┬áIn case of missing or damaged materials during their transport we’ll always inform the donor and/or hold the transporter accountable.