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Given the size and diversity of our projects, own means of transport are indispensable, specifically aimed at each goal. Our own transport division makes our organization more efficient, but also saves time and money. With our own management, we can also impose our own training and maintenance requirements, so that the safety of our drivers and passengers remains high at all times. Moreover, frequent and professional maintenance, experience shows, is always cheaper in the long run

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The 4x4 Car for Xippia

The 4x4 Car, our workhorse

It is obvious that our Transport Division aim for this type of car considering the common terrain problems, especially in the rainy season.

It should also be mentioned that the purpose of this car is multi-functional; Whether it concerns staff or student transport, or to collect groceries or building materials. This car must also have a tow bar and roof rack.  

In terms of buying a good and second hand 4×4, Nissan, Land Rover, Suzuki or  Toyota are good choices, because maintenance expertise and (spare) parts are more easy to get in the country. 

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are widely available for sale in the country. A good second-hand cost no more then 100 USD. Besides the great advantage of this kind of transport that it is healthy and don’t consume fuel, mountain bikes are a very cheap alternative for commuting or to do a quick errand.

Moreover, compared to a normal bicycle, they are more suitable considering the often bad road conditions in the country. The required number of bicycles to start with has been set at 3.


While the quality of healthcare in this country is already poor, another major problem are the great distances to be traveled when medical help is needed. It is no surprise that this appalling situation cost human lives.

To complicate this predicament even more, different and multi-purpose ambulances are needed. But they all have their own problems as well. After all, where a modern ambulance is often invaluable in the event of an emergency, they are often useless in the rainy season or on unpaved roads. And where a good old fashioned 4×4 without too much electronics and less maintenance could offer a good solution here, they often lack professional equipment.

For all in and outs read more in our hospital plan. 

Rubber Boat - Dinky

Planned in 2023 – and if our Sparky swimming plan is indeed successful with eventually a professional life guard system with lookouts along the coast – the dinky will play a crucial role in rescuing drowning people or searching for remains.

The boat will also require an outboard motor, binoculars, a trailer, and unfortunately also body bags. The boat can only be operated by a professional and well-trained crew. No fund raiser has been set up for this project yet.

The Drone

The drone fund raising campaign is also planned for 2023. Provided our plan to train life guards and install lookouts along the coast is successful as we said before, the drone will play an important role in the search and recovery of corpses in the ocean.

In addition to that, the drone technology can also be used in the agricultural sector, for commercial purposes or to deliver medicines.

It goes without saying that the drone can only be operated by a well-trained operator.


Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of Africans. Each donation matter, even the smallest ones.

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Not only funding, but also sharing knowledge, donating materials and volunteers are highly welcome.