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Building the Future

Our Newest Plan

The Xippia plan originated in the IT-school and think tank of Xam-Xam E-Solutions Africa. Xam-Xam is a young digital agency in Africa that focuses on quality, affordable pricing, innovation and speed.

Founded in 2015 by a retired Dutch IT and digital marketing guru, the company and school expanded in Africa with graduated and top of the class African students in IT and marketing & sales.

The amazing synergy of the team guaranteed great work ethic, integrity and end-results. Highly trained to create many stunning websites in multiple verticals. And most important, always going the extra mile to give clients the best web presence.

The philosophy is and was to create the kind of website that every business want: Easy to find, easy to use, stylish and appealing, quick loading and mobile responsive.

Unlocking the African Digital Potential to The Max

With Xippia Business Directories

How it started

The Xam-Xam IT-school and it’s Xippia Business Directory Project is an unique formula. 

It’s all about profiling African companies on the internet, creating jobs for the African youth and empowering consumer sales through the digital highway. 

The easy entry and the flexible high-end solutions of Xippia guarantees all African companies a professional online presentation, even for free.  Already successfully started for The Gambia, Xippia is the fastest growing “Yellow Pages” in the country.

And the bigger our growth, the more IT and Marketing & Sales jobs we can offer. Especially when we launch this business concept in other African countries.  

Xippia - The New Job Flow

However, highly qualified graduation does not guarantee a job. Especially not during a pandemic. That’s why Xippia was born. Instead of generating income only once with the traditional way of building a website for a customer, we now build it ourselves to generate permanent income from it.

Our IT and Marketing students can now recruit business clients on this platform, develop advertisements and company pages for a fee, or design separate websites if such an assignment arises from this non-stoppable effort.

Marketing research at the competition also learned us that our website is much more versatile, flexible and far more attractive for companies. It’s also much cheaper.

It is the founder’s great wish that this initiative create jobs, given the fact that Africa has not much opportunities for the youth when it comes to future perspectives. And above all, that this concept will be copied to other African countries.

Current Business Directory Plans

Step by step we will launch our Yellow Pages for each African country. Starting a basic Xippia website costs less than 250 euros each (host, domain, recruitment).

“Xippia has the potential to create dozens of jobs for African IT and Marketing students”

Student Application

Student Admissions

All students in African countries can enroll with us. A CV with a motivation is a must. Knowledge of the English language and IT or Marketing & Sales experience is a plus.

Job Applications

Job Applications

Anyone in Africa can apply with us. Depending on your knowledge and experience, we will examine whether we can place you in one of our programs.

IT Equipment Gambia


Lot of students are overloaded with hope and good will, but without basics like a laptop, tablet, or router. So, all (used or new) equipment, is highly welcome. 

Advantage Summary

The Xippia Business Directories

Creating Jobs

Sure, Xippia is a business construction. But the expected growth nevertheless also has a “NGO effect”, a social impact. It creates more and more employment because the number of our staff members will of course also grow. However, our course is completely different from most NGOs; For example, money does not have to be injected over and over again. The one-time investment is enough that the staff can “support” themselves, to guarantee a permanent income for them and their families, and to make them financially independent without the help of third parties. 

All Biz Online

The Xippia business directories are offering professional online company presentations with a high attention value and flexibility. From free listings to give companies with no budget a fair chance to present themselves professionally online, to paid options at very competitive rates such as: Google maps, booking and online order & home delivery options, video and photo gallery, or extra integrated pages or web shops with their own design. No other business directory offers all these options. And no other business directory offers this for a fraction of what the competition ask.

Happy Visitors

Besides all our unique options to make a company listing a real “eye catcher”, to bring it to a maximum attraction value for visitors, we also eliminate the most annoying irritations of African business directory visitors that emerged from our customer satisfaction survey to make our success factor even greater: All our websites have a fast loading time, our high-quality servers have no offline interruptions, they are completely virus / spam / spoof free, and our automated advertiser follow-up system prevents company data from becoming obsolete and are always up to date.

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