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For the medical sector: Because one of our future main activities exist in building a solid and affordable hospital & school, there is (unfortunately) plenty of choice in terms of location in the country.

The better clinics are mainly located in the Kombo district on the west coast of The Gambia, but only accessible to people with money.

The rest of the poor population is condemned to low-substandard health clinics, often not equipped with good materials and medical knowledge.

That is why we came to the decision to choose at first the Brikama region, because this area is heavily under-represented in terms of quality health care.

In addition to health care, Xippia Complex Project has other interests too, such as education, consultancy, environment, charity, sport and agriculture. The construction plan is therefore designed not only in terms of architecture, but also for its future growth.

Frankly speaking, it’s also an expensive project and a multi-year plan. This is one of the reasons why we decided to do this step by step. Not only in terms of financing, but also by segmenting a single project into different phases.  Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

We are convinced that it is better to ask a small amount from each sponsor than a large amount all at once. Because when a first phase has been successfully completed, it also builds the necessary confidence that our formula does indeed work. Notwithstanding that large amounts stay always welcome of course.

It also creates a snowball effect: Our members and volunteers will grow, so will our collective knowledge trust, and therefore what’s most important: Our fellow human beings we are committed to.

Why Every Little Bit Counts

Our Way To Success

Making Something Big Out Of Lot Of Little Ones
Lay The First Foundation Stone With Us

Buy 5 m² Meter Of Land

Purchasing land at the desired location costs an average of 1 euro per square meter. Given the multiple objectives of The Xippia Complex Project, the size of the complex requires 100 x 100 meters (10,000 m2). This brings the calculation to 10,000 euros.

Factors in our decision to choose this specific site included that the construction does not damage the environment, that the land and access roads are not flooded or in the natural stream of all the water that falls during the rainy season, and that the legal procedures are 100% secured by a lawyer to prevent any problems in the future.

Buy 1 m² Of Fence

Our plot of land of 100 x 100 m2 needs 400 meters of fencing with a height of 3 meters (of which 60 cm in the ground). That is 1200 m2 feasible with a budget of 25,000 euros including labor and materials. Thus, the calculation per m2 is 21 euros.

Because our objective also applies here: For and by Gambians, nothing will be imported in material and the work will only be performed by Gambians.

When choosing our fence, we looked not only at sustainability, but also at a creative design that is more in line with the architecture of the building. It doesn’t even make things more expensive, because after all, it involves more or less the same quantity of materials.

Xippia Fence

Energy Plan

In view of the many disruptions in the national electricity network (Nawec), the current quality is regarded as unreliable. The new government is working on improvements, but The Xippia Complex Project must have the guarantee that the projects can run 24/7 safely, especially if the hospital plans are pushed through.

That’s why our goal is to have our own and independent “Off-Grid” energy system, consisting of a (solar) borehole, electric solar system and (low-noise) generator.

Because the country has many hours of sunshine, it is ideal for green energy in the form of solar. Something that always gets our high attention and priority. But unfortunately an environmental-unfriendly generator is also needed to keep the equipment working in the event of a nationwide power outage.

Septic Tank and Sewer System

For most places in The Gambia a connection to a centralized municipal sewer system isn’t available. That is why septic tanks are (frequently) used.

These underground containers are eco-friendly and intended for the temporary storage of liquid waste and sewage. The tanks are emptied once in a while by a so-called “suck-away truck”.

The septic tank is the primary component of the sewer system that is connected to the toilets, kitchen and showers.

“Operating from our own plot of land is not only cost-effective, but gives also major advantages”

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